Keep your focus, confidence and momentum even when you are under intense pressure.

Professional Athletes and Coaches know that every game is not only physical, but mental as well. Getting in the zone is just a part of your mind preparation. When the going gets tough, staying in the zone is just as important.

Hypnosis is your edge over competition.

Hypnotherapy is the secret weapon of World Champions!

Find out how Hypnosis can take your game to the next level!

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Mind Over Matter
Let Your Brain Do All the Heavy Lifting
Sports Hypnosis greatly improves sports performance. While high levels of physical fitness must be maintained, research shows that  mental ability contribute to as much as 90% in sports success.
Hypnosis can help you improve in different aspects of your game
  • Confidence in every game
  • ​Motivation in training
  • ​Faster learning and improvement;
  • ​Quick in-game decisions
  • ​Commitment to goals and responsibilities
  • ​Dealing with stress, anger and disappointment
  • ​Overcome hesitations, worries, doubts and distractions
  • ​Maintain focus and momentum
  • ​And many others.....

About Enda O’Shea

Enda is a Sports Hypnotherapist for more than 16 years. He worked alongside many athletes, coaches, and world champions in various disciplines and sports to help them achieve their goals by helping them maintain their focus, improve their mindset, control their anxiety/stress; whatever they needed to keep their minds in optimum condition and break through all barriers to achieve peak performance.
  • National Guild of Hypnotists Member and Certified Hypnotist
  • International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and Certified Member
  • ​UK Hypnosis Academy Member – clinical, practical training – demonstrated the highest degree of competence.
No matter what sport you play or the level you take part, Hypnotherapy can help take away your road blocks to being the Champion. Your fears, doubts, distractions, overthinking, feeling stuck or rattled, lack of momentum and enjoyment...

Book an appointment with me now to Discover how Hypnotherapy help you access your unconscious mind and reset the healthy patterns and beliefs – enabling you to unleash your full potential.

Sport Hypnotherapy By Enda O'Shea Has Helped Many Athletes And Professionals, Here Are Some Of Them...

Join us and experience what they experienced.

"I accomplished all my life goals in Powerlifting and I could not have done this without help from Enda and hypnosis.”
Liam Beville


"The next few days I trained, I felt way better and I was training well. I was actually enjoying it again!"
Duncan Casey

Munster Rugby Player

"I was probably the most relaxed I have ever been before lifting. A massive thank you to Enda for giving me the push I needed in the right direction."
Emma Keyes


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